Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors brings a broad and diverse perspective to inform, guide, and nurture our very special mission. Their collective skill set, background, and professional experience guides our mission and our purpose.

Charles E. Mendez, Sr. (1914-1967) Founder / Director
Anita T. Mendez (1914-2004) Founder / Director
Charles E. Mendez, Jr. Chairman and President / Director
Charles E. Mendez, III Vice President / Secretary / Director
Yvonne L. Mendez Vice President / Director
Henry Gonzalez, III Treasurer / Director
Michael Annis, Esquire Director
Charles F. Mitchell, M.D. Director
Janet Y. Mendez Director
Melissa Hoffman Director
Baerbel Freudenthaler Director
Lauren E. Mendez Director
R. David Franklin Director