A Recipe for Success

We believe a child equipped with the capacity to set reachable goals and make responsible decisions is better prepared to face the challenges and enjoy the opportunities in life with the readiness to be successful and productive. Every facet of our work is directed to promoting this goal.

A Strong Foundation to Build from…

Only the Beginning

Too Good introduces and reinforces a series of skills to prepare children to make healthy choices and resist unhealthy behaviors in life including substance misuse and aggression. The lessons foster a cooperative social learning environment that engages students to practice and apply the concepts they are learning. Effective social development education depends on the school, the family, and the community working together to reinforce the skills and concepts that promote mindfulness, self-awareness, and a commitment to making healthy choices.

Building Blocks

The Too Good family of evidence-based programs builds capacity for healthy social development and emotional competency and promotes unity throughout the school. The skill development and protection-building concepts built into these programs promote positive attitudes and healthy choices.

A Link with Families and Communities

Students spend a great deal of time in school, but families and communities also provide critical learning environments. When families are involved in the learning process, children and adolescents are twice as likely to use and remember the skills you teach. When community leaders reinforce positive norms, the message becomes even stronger.